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( ̄▽ ̄)ノ *Hi there! *

I accept comissions! Concept art, original characters, fanart. Note me!  (♡゚▽゚♡)

(___Please, read the payment information before contacting me, thanks 人(_ _*)___)

  1. BW sketches. Visible strokes, rough. With possibility of adding a bit of color. 

  Portrait: 10$
  Waist: 15$ 
  Full body: 25$
1 by sagasketchbook
2 by sagasketchbook

  2. Color sketches. Visible strokes, rough.

  Portrait: 15$
  Waist: 30$
  Full body: 50$
3 by sagasketchbook
5 by sagasketchbook
4 by sagasketchbook

  3. Color paintings. With smooth shading and fine study of details.

  Portrait: 30$
  Waist: 65$
  Full body: 100$
6 by sagasketchbook
7 by sagasketchbook

  4. Illustration.

  Usually with 2 or more characters and background. The most simple one will cost $130+. But if you want something special, write me and we will consider the cost. 
8 by sagasketchbook
9 by sagasketchbook

  5. Background. 100$+ due to complexity

10 by sagasketchbook

  6. Quantity of characters

  All prices of the above is for one character at a piece. If you want 2 charactres at 1 piece, double the price, an so on.  

  7. Payment

  You tell me with all possible accuracy what do you want ==> I draw the sketch ==> you do the 100% payment ==> I draw the piece to the end. This is how i work :3
          BE AWARE:  I accept payment only with Payoneer (or if you know some alternatives). I'm affraid, PayPal is not available in my country. Aslo consider that minimum payment by Payoneer is $30.